About Dr. Bass

Dr. Bass earned his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Missouri-Columbia and traveled to Kansas City to complete his General Surgery residency. During his residency, Dr. Bass served as the Chief Resident during his final year. His practice would begin in Kansas City with his esteemed colleague, Dr. Marvin Cohen, at the Baptist Memorial Hospital. But as life would have it, Dr. Bass and his wife Pat moved to Rolla, Mo where he would practice for the next 20 years.

While in Rolla, Dr. Bass developed a successful surgical practice based on progressive surgical techniques and compassion for his patients. Additionally, as surgical techniques advanced with the introduction of new technologies, Dr. Bass was the first surgeon in the area to implement the laparoscopic approach to gallbladder surgery.

After 20 years of serving the Rolla community, Dr. Bass, along with his family, headed south to continue his practice in Burleson, TX. Here, Dr. Bass would continue to focus on advancing laparoscopic techniques while expanding treatment options of varicose and spider veins. Dr. Bass has built a practice based upon compassion for the patient and their clinical needs. Not all treatment options involve surgery and Dr. Bass insures that all viable options are discussed “with each individual based upon their clinical needs.”

Dr. Bass and his wife Pat are the proud parents of three children. Both Chris and Justin reside in Fort Worth while their daughter, Sara, lives in Washington DC with her husband, Tyler.

In addition to being board-certified by the American Board of surgery for three successive terms he served as President of the Mid Missouri Medical Society.

In April 2004 he moved his practice to Burleson Texas to begin his new surgical practice. The practice continues to be focused on laparoscopic procedures and the new methods and techniques in treating multiple types and stages of varicose veins and spider veins. As founder, Dr. Bass established Surgical Associates of North Texas in April 2004. His practice is based on current surgical methods with a compassionate perspective of each patient’s clinical issues. We take the necessary time to get to know each patient and their surgical needs. The medical and surgical alternatives are discussed with each individual based on her clinical issues.”